Why Taking Fish Oil Supplements is One of the Best Brain Health Strategies You Can Employ

There’s no doubt about it, daily fish oil supplements can significantly help your overall and mental health making them one of the most important brain health strategies.

Recent studies have shown that not even the so-called brain games and quizzes actually have any beneficial impact on your brain health, despite the claims!

What most of us are lacking in are essential omega 3 fats that help to keep our brains and bodies healthy. The declining consumption of fish due to the toxins found in them today is thought to be mainly responsible.

The reason that fish oils make one of the best brain health strategies is because of the DHA omega 3 fats.

DHA fats are essential as they keep the membranes healthy and make up a significant amount of the fats present. They help to clear the neural pathways of debris to increase the speed and clarity of the signals.

Studies show they can help you avoid degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s too and can lessen the symptoms of depression and bi-polar disorders.

As fresh fish contain so many toxins today, only eating the recommended one or two portions a week will not give you the optimum amount of omega 3 fats.

That’s why experts recommended a distilled fish oil supplement so you can control the dose and the purity of what you take.

To make it one of the best brain health strategies, you need a high proportion of DHA – at least 260mg per 1000mg capsule. Many on the market today have much more of the other fatty acid called EPA but it is nowhere near as effective but cheaper to source and produce.

Using a distilled oil means that the contaminants will have been separated from the oil to ensure it is safe and pure.

If you use one that has not been distilled you may unwittingly ingest toxins that cancel out any benefits gained!

As you can see, the easy way to better brain health is to take daily fish oils which also help to improve your overall health and well-being too.

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